Beno Arnejčič


The refugee crisis calls for a deeper social analysis of the behaviour of individuals' in crowds within the framework of the new global economic crisis, which is still a crisis of individual countries, as well as a global crisis of the international community that lacks energy and has no strategy on how to equally divide food, water and other energy sources between nation states and other communities. Due to the inability of countries to ensure safety, individuals drift off into the world and find shelter in large groups of refugees, which are really only an illusion of that shelter. This article is an analysis of the media reports of the first and second wave of refugees from 09/17/2015 until 11/16/2015. I have chosen reports on the waves of refugees from news broadcasts on RTV Slovenia, Echoes ('Odmevi') and news broadcasts on commercial stations TV Planet, Planet Today ('Danes'). The goal of this article is to research media perception of individual and collective behaviour within a refugee wave in 2015 in Slovenia, and the sensitivity of the media towards the position of the individual within this crowd. The Research showed that refugees in crowd form spontaneously. The refugee crisis produces security risks and threats that create the conditions for the collective psychological factors of mass behaviour. Mass media has a strong influence on forming the anonymous, yet (after formation) uniform structure of the crowd. Individuals want to avoid danger in their life by escaping into the crowd.

Key words: crowd psychology, the media, migrants, refugees, refugee crowds, collective behaviour.

Beno Arnejčič Ph. D is an Assistant at the Faculty of Education, Primorska University, Slovenia ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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Beno Arnejčič. PERCEPTION OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF REFUGEES CROWD AS PORTRAYED ON TV. Innovative Issues and Approaches in Social Sciences, vol.11, no.3:45-41, DOI:

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