Vera Klopčič


The Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia mentions only Italian and Hungarian national minority and Roma community as holders of special collective minority rights. Special rights of the autochthonous Italian and Hungarian national minorities in Slovenia are defined in Article 64. Although data on the ethnic structure in Slovenia reflect more heterogeneous ethnic structure, members of other ethnic groups than Italian and Hungarian national communities and Roma community, at present, do not have the status of a national minority in the sense of collective holders of minority rights. In February 2018 the draft Act on the Implementation of Collective Cultural Rights of National Communities of the Nations of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the Republic of Slovenia was prepared. The draft received a support within the National Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia for further consideration.

Key words: national minorities, legal regulation, Roma community, new minorities, human rights

Dr Vera Klopčič is a higher scientific fellow at the Institute for Ethnic Studies. She works in the field of protection of human rights and minorities, devoted in depth to researching the situation of the Roma community and the position of "new minorities" in Slovenia and other countries.

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